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"Yes!" To answer the question that I know you are all asking yourselves ladies. Lysa Hetrick IS a lady-loving lady who is incredibly gorgeous. But she’s much more than just easy on the eyes, she’s also an incredible music talent; especially for her age.

Lysa & The Bad Kids, formerly known as Radio, started out as a duo with Singer/Songwriters Lysa Hetrick and Junior Becerra. The duo met in the spring of 2008 and shortly after, they began to perform anywhere and everywhere they could, with Junior playing acoustic guitar and Lysa on vocals. But soon, they realized, that was not the style of music they wanted to create. Both Lysa and Junior began to pursue opportunities on their own, while still performing together on occasion. However, in the fall of 2010, they decided to form a group together, RADIO. Often being compared to a modern Joan Jett and James Brown, RADIO aims to bring back the sounds of Classic Rock and Soul with a new Pop and Hip Hop take.

After undergoing some changes and adding Emmy Becerra to the line-up, Radio became “Lysa & The Bad Kids.” Their current venture is to win an opportunity to play at the Rockstar Uproar Festival for a chance to win $100,000 worth of equipment and a fully recorded EP. Help them out by voting at

I encourage you guys to keep up with them by “LIKING” their facebook page as well!

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